Dr. Anup Brahmbhatt

Dr. Brahmbhatt is a Qualified Physiotherapist From Oxford College. He is always socially active in publishing articles and giving interviews in Local Newspaper, TV News, Magazines, Social Media etc. He is Co-founder Of Physio-can

    • Head Physiotherapist At Cadabam’s Mental Health ( South India’s Biggest Mental Health Care Centers)
    • Consultant Physiotherapist At ‘sculpt’ By Geetaa Paul Bangalore Region
    • H. O. D. Vijayashree Hospital (physio Dept.)
    • Co-founder Of Heal A Rehab Studio
    • Founder Of Bodify By Brahmbhatt’s
    • Regional Head Of Curo Booth India.( Training And Recruiting)

He is also in the field of admissions and study guidance since 2006. He has been doing free career guidance seminars since 2006 and got recognised by different indian state gov

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