September 26, 2018

Dr. Anup Brahmbhatt

Dr. Brahmbhatt is a Qualified Physiotherapist From Oxford College. He is always socially active in publishing articles and giving interviews in Local Newspaper, TV News, Magazines, Social Media etc. He is Co-founder Of Physio-can

  • Head Physiotherapist At Cadabam’s Mental Health ( South India’s Biggest Mental Health Care Centers)
  • Consultant Physiotherapist At ‘sculpt’ By Geetaa Paul Bangalore Region
  • H. O. D. Vijayashree Hospital (physio Dept.)
  • Co-founder Of Heal A Rehab Studio
  • Founder Of Bodify By Brahmbhatt’s
  • Regional Head Of Curo Booth India.( Training And Recruiting)
  • He is also in the field of admissions and study guidance since 2006. He has been doing free career guidance seminars since 2006 and got recognised by different indian state gov