Bhargav Kothari

Registered Physiotherapist

Bhargav Kothari is a member in good standing with college of physiotherapist Ontario since 2018 and currently working as a registered physiotherapist in one of the most esteemed LTC in Toronto downtown.

Bhargav is a tutor at Atmiya since he passed his exam but his association with Atmiya is far older than that. Bhargav’s journey with Atmiya began when he first entered Atmiya as a standardized patient for the mock exams. Starting from that point he never looked back, standardized client to student to successful candidate to a registered physiotherapist and now a good clinical physiotherapist and proud tutor at Atmiya. Atmiya is proud of the journey he has made and how he has grown over the years.

Apart from being a good physiotherapist, Bhargav always had a liking towards teaching and that brought him more and more close to Atmiya and his passion of helping students pass this life changing exam till day remains the motivating force for his association with Atmiya.

Bhargav believes that Atmiya is and will remain an institute which is having and will continue to have deepest impact in hundreds and thousands of aspiring candidates of PCE Canada. Saying that he is always ready to put all the hard work to maintain the high standards of Atmiya.

Bhargav always says “ if one person can positively impact only one life in his lifetime , it’s a big thing and here at Atmiya we have an opportunity to positively impact hundreds of life , so everything we have to do ITS TOTALLY WORTH IT.